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The housing market will collapse

: How long can we hold on to a model of society that does not work?

From elite politics

: How has a Nazi party become so big in Greece? What is it that makes fascism take root in some places, but not in others? These were the questions Evangelos Lagos and a team of Greek researchers asked themselves before launching a four-year survey of young Greeks voting Golden Dawn.

Imprecise criticism of capitalism

: It is all well and good with commitment and temperament, but in his latest book, Tariq Ali approaches tunnel vision.

The new fascism

: What is happening in Greece, and which is taking place throughout the eurozone, is in reality a liquidation of free, independent nations.

Uncontrollable debt

: Is it possible to understand the debt situation behind the crisis in Greece? Ny Tid looks at some simple economic contexts.

A defense script for the Greek people

: The Greek people must bleed so that European politicians do not have to take responsibility. That is the reality of the reverse Robin Hood regime staged by politicians and central banks.

British exit: A solution for Norway?

: This week, the British Prime Minister began his tour of Europe's capitals to renegotiate the country's membership of the EU. What do the British want, and what consequences can it have for Norway?

The consequences of the Norwegian oil adventure

: Looking closer, the Norwegian Petroleum Fund has already been "used up" several times. What can Norway do to save the Oil Fund? And when will the world's central banks' enormous money pressure fall?

The upcoming financial collapse

: What can Thomas Jefferson teach us about the money race going on in Europe today? It is not just Greece that is trying to solve the debt problems by raising even more debt that will never be serviced.

Visions for a sustainable future

: A conference is over. How can we save the world when our model of society demands permanent growth?

A hidden overconsumption

: Since 2011, annual actions against military over-consumption have been organized worldwide. Nevertheless, we rarely read about this in the Norwegian media.