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Emmanuel Macron

What now, EEA?

: The EEA agreement is 25 years old this year. What does Europe mean for Norway, and what does President Macron say about Europe's future?

Yellow vests, taxes and black money

: Is it President Macron who is the reason why the yellow vests have taken to the streets of Paris, or are the people wearing yellow vests just generally thoroughly tired of a patronizing French state?

Smash the banks! Be unruly!

Monday Morning: #0

: The old world can neither be reformed nor revolutionized; a total liquidation is needed before the new can break out.

Headwind revolution

Emmanuel Macron: Revolution

: VG commentator Frithjof Jacobsen says in the book Project Prime Minister that "modern politics is not about educating the people and seeking support for ideological principles, but about seeking to understand what answers people want to hear"

A star is born – new French Emmanuel Macron

: He is young, handsome and eloquent. With his energy and charisma, Emmanuel Macron is France's John F. Kennedy. But does he have a policy?