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Energy solutions

Crystals, algae and ocean currents

Energi: MODERN TIMES's commentator Ole Seifert will in the future regularly deal with ecological technology and innovations. Various innovations in energy and power are presented here: ocean current turbines, solar power with ferroelectric crystals, hemp batteries and mechanical storage of excess power – which replaces batteries.

Challenging climate sobriety

Holly Jean: Ending Fossil Fuels: Why Not Zero Is Not Enough

ECOLOGY: We need such voices as Holly Jean Buck, who criticizes wishful thinking – precisely to help promote a hopeful, serious and long-lasting climate fight, beyond all easy optimism.

A pan-European political movement

DEMOCRACY: According to Yanis Varoufakis, his DiEM25 was the first to present a green new agreement – one that was comprehensive, radical and realistic at the same time.

The Future of Europe

EUROPE: MODERN TIMES recently visited the European Parliament in Strasbourg, and met one of the founders of the Conference on the Future of Europe – where the following topics have been discussed: democratic values, climate change, social justice and job security, human rights, European defense and digital transformation. This is the basis for ORIENTERING this time, as we on the following pages have asked a number of Norwegian opinion leaders about much of the same. And here with Daniel Freund, who is a member of the party Die Grünen in Germany, we could not help but talk about climate.

The moral notion of common goods

THE GLOCAL: Citizens' councils can revitalize Europe. Their success depends both on their ability to strengthen the EU's participatory political processes, and on greater responsiveness to citizens' local communities. Here we look at how the first "European Commons Assembly" provided an opportunity for information-based political reforms together – based on social and ecological sustainability.

"Our existence depends on changing our growth and consumption habits"

THE WOMAN OF CHANGE: MODERN TIMES talks this time with experienced Sandrine Dixson-Declève about sustainable growth and green development. She is now the leader of the European Commission's expert group for research and innovation.

A long-limbed, coal-eating grasshopper 

: Lignite is the dirtiest of all power sources. Ny Tid recently visited the shrinking Jänschwalde mine in Germany. Visits to the mining landscape were previously strictly forbidden to the public.

Safe energy

Roland Dannereuther: Energy Security

: Energy Security provides important knowledge about the interplay between energy security, economic growth, ecological sustainability and social justice. 

Black air and a new sun

François Jacob / Mila Aung-Thwin and Van Roykos: A Moon of Nickel and Ice / Let There Be Light

: Two vastly different Canadian documentaries both delve into the relationship between energy and the environment.

China and the new geopolitics

: China's new Silk Road is presented as a technical investment project, but has political effects we can not possibly fathom.