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About being attentive and taking the lot of things

CY Frostholm: Træmuseet

TREES: Through a conversation with trees, the author of the book becomes wiser about his relationship to loneliness, vulnerability and the grief over the disappearance of things.

Slive kick about power play in intimate relationships

Johanna Pyykkö: The Manila Lover

: WORLD PREMIERE: For the first time in 16 years, a Norwegian short film has been selected for the critics' week in Cannes.

A puppet life 

Melody Gilbert: Silicone Soul

: Could you consider establishing a long-term love relationship with a silicone doll? Melody Gilbert's thought-provoking documentary explores the relationship between humans and dolls, and as a spectator, you are slowly drawn into an exercise in human empathy and compassion.

The devil in the distractions

Michael Harris: Solitude. In Pursuit of a Singular Life in a Crowded World

: Solitude is an occasionally interesting reflection on the many qualities of loneliness, in a time where we are almost always connected to others. 

The misery and magic of loneliness

Olivia Laing: The lonely city. About art, loneliness and survival

: Loneliness is an experience that can enrich our inner world and strengthen the togetherness with others, says Olivia Laing.

Imprecise about Scandinavian loneliness

: Are we really happy with our individualistic lifestyle?