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Erland Kiøsterud

The ecocentric man

NATURE: Conversation portrait with author Erland Kiøsterud about our ecological responsibility.

Everything we love is transient, fleeting, temporary

ESSAY: It is our self-understanding that is at stake today. With their aggressive, partly inflated subjects, Western technologists, economists and artists have for centuries sat above nature. In the ecosystem, man is in nature, it is a part of nature, on which he is completely dependent. Can we protect biotopes, habitats, rivers, lakes, soils, oceans and commons? This essay looks at five books examining the ecosystem.

How to live in a world where the very unfolding of life leads to violence?

Erland Kiøsterud: The first words

FICTION: In Kiøsterud's quiet recluse novel, life is weighed against the pain in a quest for reconciliation. Nature remains silent and ambiguous, even when the protagonist tries to step aside with his demands for meaning.

What place can we give the violence today?

Erland Kiøsterud: The ecology of silence

ECOLOGY: In autobiographical form, Kiøsterud continues his reflection on modernity in the age of the eco-crisis. He points to a normalized brutality that most tacitly accept.

The truth of the heart, the meaning of life

: Ny Tid chose as a monthly newspaper this time to also collect a comment on Kiøsterud's essay (see above).

From silence we have come, to silence we shall be

Erland Kiøsterud: Revelation

:… And only by silence can we be resurrected.