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ESSAY: Does writing have a healing power – by mentioning the transience, loneliness and beauty of life? And is it only possible for us to live together by ostracizing the others? If the personal is the real thing, then that is not the goal – but rather to be able to come to light of the impersonal.

The song that disappears

ESSAY: I have become the mother of my own mother. But is repressed grief and depression one of the causes of dementia?

The Liberal Utopia

Above all, it is we who do not blame liberalism for everything that is wrong here in the world, which should dwell on this book. 

Kitchen Sink High Conceptualism

Shelly Silver shows no humility when it comes to relevance and sustainability in her project, but takes the space and time and oozes self-confidence.

A touch of decency

If we think we know best, there is no point in taking others into consideration. That is why it is so important to maintain a culture where what we do not understand is central.

You are what you do

For Henry David Thoreau, insight without action was of little value. He strongly advocated civil disobedience when conscience demanded it. 

The gravity of the grief

ESSAY on grief and cancer.