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On the relationship between poetry and philosophy

PHILOSOPHY: In the book The Poetics of Reason, Stefán Snævarr goes against a too strict concept of rationality: To live rationally is not only to find the best means to realize one's goals, but also to make life meaningful and coherent. Parts of this work should enter all disciplines concerned with models, metaphors and narratives.

Everyone starts life as narcissists

ESSAY: A reaction to the deconstruction of the subject is today a new subjective wave where everyone is to rediscover themselves. Should some publishers protect such authors from themselves?

When mother dies

ESSAY: Death to mother became unbearable.

Mjøsa: Place sense and carrier bag

ESSAY: The constant focus on work, bustle and productivity takes us away from a neighborhood of things – every day there are people who can feel that something is also breaking in them.

Islam's forgotten culture and the meaning of Sufism

What kind of change has happened to a culture that has fascinated explorers and free thinkers for centuries?

Peer Gynt 150 years – but lives at its best

With the national satire Peer Gynt, Ibsen created a catalog of so-called "Norwegian values": the urge to dream away, ambivalence, lies, bigotry madness and a solid portion of selfishness.

Keyboard and thought

Alexander Carnera merges writing and thinking together exemplarily. 

Why capitalism creates meaningless jobs

There are some out there who make tulle jobs just to keep us busy.

"Our violence is unparalleled in the history of the globe"

Our natural consumption has already wiped out hundreds of cultures and thousands of species. In no time, it can also threaten our local pockets of wealth and order. 

Ecosocialism – a Utopia of our time

ESSAY: The Utopian believes in progress, but the idea of ​​progress can also be cold, reckless and irresponsible. Espen Hammer asks if it's finally time to make the oldest of all – nature – our great utopia. 

The ecology of conversation

Author Erland Kiøsterud answers philosophy professor Arne Johan Vetlesen by discussing the almost ubiquitous violence in society, in nature and in thinking.

Bengt Jangfeldts: A Russian History

Ole Robert Sunde follows folk artist Bengt Jangfeldt's futuristic journey along the Soviet 1970 century.

The ethos of the essay – the five legends

Ny Tid brings here the speech given by Carnera at Gyldendal on 1 October at the launch of the last Window, with a theme about the essay.

The Norwegian essay

A somewhat arbitrary – or should we say unnatural – overview of the essayist in our small country.

Hans Blumenberg – critic and myth creator

The mythical dimension of politics can quickly become an unpleasant topic – but myth formation is also an indispensable part of our practical lives, according to German Hans Blumenberg.