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The big backdrop world

Yu Hua Translator Anne Wedell-Wedellsborg: China in ten words

CHINA: Yu Hua shows how today's economy-driven China in 40 years has moved from a peasant society to the most economically powerful country

The brain is not alone

Siri Hustvedt: A Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women

: Siri Hustvedt goes to a feminist defense for softer metaphors in science.

Stein Mehren – cultural radicals and romantic mystics

Eivind Tjønneland: Stone mehren. Here you have my life. Selected essays.

: Stein Mehren is best known for his poems, but he is also in a special position among Norwegian post-war essayists: awake, combative and with a sharp eye on current topics.

Prologue to a policy

: There are three philosophies of power that always end up surprising the status quo.

With a bang, or with a whimper?

: Competition-based hedonism is well on its way to its demise, says Wolfgang Streeck about capitalism.

How to live together

: Excerpt from a new book based on Roland Barthes: Living together all the time can be claustrophobic. But we can live next to each other. 

Being trapped in a story

: Two groundbreaking authors show how gender identity can be locked in a society characterized by violence and oppression.

The ontological earthquake

: Freud's bourgeois paradox, the collapse of ideology and the return of social issues to the ruling class are some of the themes in this collection of essays.

The passion for the real

: A tax-financed state and mass comfort based on fossil energy are the leading features of the 20th century, according to Germany's great essayist Peter Sloterdijk.