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Sophie's Choice: 'Don't Be Evil' or 'Don't Be Good'

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: In this book, Robert Leib worries that our trust in artificial intelligence could backfire on us. 'Sophie' is a collective consciousness, one 'among many'.

Ethics in the time of the climate crisis

ECOLOGY: Despite this book's general critique of anthropocentrism, one could go even further in practicing an ecocentric ethic.

What ethical principles are behind the first vaccine stings?

ETHICS: Behind the authorities' vaccination strategy is an ethical chaos.

Economic motives can ruin artificial intelligence

KI: What happens if we create something that is more intelligent than ourselves, a machine that might do something completely different than we want?

Animal welfare meets human welfare under Docville

Two of the films featured at this year's Belgian DocVille Festival remind us of the constant violations of laws and regulations, and the injustice that affects both animals and humans.

The hunt for our genetic past 

In Genesis 2.0 we follow Siberian hunters in search of animal carcasses buried in the Siberian permafrost. If only one living cell can be retrieved from here, the artificial reconstruction of the mammoth can become a reality.   

The Agamben and the Ethics of Abstinence

The community that is to come is a learned, rich, complex and sometimes obscure text. Here and there it borders on the mysticism: Agamben empties the ram of a patriarchal God Father with one hand and reintroduces with Spinoza all the divinity of things with the other, before drawing it all back into the profane, and then holding the "solution", a quivering aura, ahead of us.

The hacked body

Physical implants that are injected into the body. Cyborgs with antennas. Women who monitor the ovulation through software. The body hackers tell us something about modern man's relationship to technology. 

Mikkel Wold (ed.): Take back the ethics. Market thinking and its consequences

When everything in life gets a price tag, they become easily corrupted.