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An attempt to lift Britain out of the Brexit trenches

Calypso Nicolaidis: Exodus, reckoning, sacrifice – Three meanings of Brexit

BREXIT: Exodus, reckoning, sacrifice offers a welcome and entertaining attempt to build a bridge and "reunite" a UK that is divided over Brexit.

"Of course Europe must take responsibility"

THE GREEN EUROPE: "European Green Deal" is reminiscent of the UN's first climate report 30 years ago, says Margrete Auken in the European Parliament. "When it comes to the climate, we can not wait to invent something smart. We have to act now ", she says to MODERN TIMES.

"Norway's place is in Europe"

EU: If Europe is to achieve a "Green New Deal", where the environment is taken seriously, we must get past nationalism and stupefying populism – according to Eva Joly.

After the EU elections: Europe – what now?

GREEN CHOICE: In the future, border control, defense policy and climate will be some of the most important tasks for the European Parliament, which has now been filled by representatives of the Greens.

The EU – a slumber in the heyday of populism

Robert Schabus: Democracy Ltd

POPULISM: Democracy Ltd is a wake-up call for Europe at a time when dark forces are flourishing.

Exit Britannia

Heidi Sævareid: Life in the UK

: The United Kingdom has left the EU, but is on its way to Europe. Heidi Sævareid's infatuation with the UK has passed. Men dei bur framleis ilag. What is she doing? She brings out the humor.

A violent solution 

: Already weeks before the referendum on Catalonia's secession, Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy began to show muscle. On Catalan National Day on September 11, he declared that he would do "everything" to stop it.

Europolitic striptease

James Kirchick: The End of Europe. Dictators, Demagogues, and the Coming Dark Age

: Europe must fight alone to maintain the rights-based society we take for granted. 

European new wave

: A new progressive wave sweeps across Europe, trying to wash away right-wing populism. Can Israel also benefit from this?

Brutal Brexit for Norway

: When the UK leaves the EU, they will also leave the EEA, and Norway will stand on its own two feet in front of its most important trading partner.

Eva Joly: "Norway stands alone in Europe"

: She has been called crazy, icy and revolutionary by the French establishment, and is a seasoned participant in Europe's most important political arena. Ny Tid has met Eva Joly.