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fake news

Everything is the fault of others

Matt Taibbi: Hate Inc. – Why Today's Media Makes us Despise One Another

MASS MEDIA: Where the advertisement gave a feeling of well-being, desire and pleasure, the new media consumption gives the feeling of paranoia, anger and mistrust. Hate seller. Also on Capitol Hill.

When viruses go viral

INFODEMIC: A study of the coronavirus, conspiracy theories and fake news in the disinformation ecosystem.

A society in short supply

Franco "Bifo" Berardi: Breathing – Chaos and Poetry

TECHNOLOGY: Chaos has taken over for order, but can we find a way out of the chaos?

Internet must be removed!

Schlecky Silberstein: The internet has to go away

: One of Germany's most famous bloggers, Schlecky Silberstein, states that attention is the most important currency in the 21st century and that the internet creates anxiety.

The press as 'fake news'

: The press as fake news is not a new phenomenon – according to Søren Kirkegaard, the false is not in the content, but in the form and format itself.

Fake news, a brain dead concept

: The Internet has created information channels that are not controlled by the banks and the arms industry. Now, however, the war begins to close these breathing holes.