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In the time of the corona: Tourists and roommates

TOURIST OR REFUGEE? It is first and foremost the role of "tourist" that we experience the rigorous Korona initiatives. For the roaming danger there are small changes. Can a crisis also revitalize solidarity?

Willing to change your life and meet the moment

LIVSGNIST: Ten years after Fanny Bräuning's debut film No More Smoke Signals, she has made one of the most personal and intimate documentaries you will ever see - about her parents.
Khartoum Offside

Football bans and women's matches

SUDANIC WOMEN'S FOOTBALL: When the African dream is not to meet the right, but to play on the national team.

Celebration of mankind's diversity

AGNÈS VARDA: The new French wave film pioneer and feminist reflects on his career and conveys a humanistic philosophy of life.

The filmmaker's distinctive look

REGI: Filmmaker Elke Werry has traveled to distant corners and realized documentary film projects for over thirty years.

Into a MODERN HOURS age: The sense of community

DEMOCRACY: The growing skepticism of the authorities is a global trend. Can increased degree of citizen participation and awareness of shared responsibility restore confidence?