Theater of Cruelty


A feminist urbanism?

ARGENTINA: Increasing acts of urban violence, both those that are experienced and those that are feared, are central problems in the life of cities. But especially men's violence against women, their possessions, their lands, their bodies and lives.

A threshold practice for queers

FEMINISM: In the attempt to align identity politics with the teachings of the Catholic Church, the Italian writer and feminist Michele Murgia envisions an opportunity for renewal – for the church. Here, The Holy Spirit opens for something different and non-gendered, for queerness.

War resistance with a feminist look

UKRAINE: In this romantic fairy tale with a pure Hollywood dream of a man stands Volodymyr Zelenskyj. But we know that this could develop into a new world war.

Just a feminist?

FREEDOM: Mary Wollstonecraft wanted a whole new society. Her demands for women's rights were only a consistent part of this. She put her trust in the French Revolution, and went on a red-hot attack on Edmund Burke, a former comrade-in-arms.

In memory of Nawal El-Saadawi

Obituary: Uncompromisingly, she spoke out against power. Now she is gone, 89 years old. Author, physician and feminist Nawal El-Saadawi wrote for MODERN TIMES from June 2009.

A woman's struggle with reality

WOMEN OF EUROPE: In our interview series with European women, Sweden's former Foreign and Vice Prime Minister Margot Wallström is the latest. She believes that we are currently living in a world of autocrats, where Nordic welfare values ​​have poor conditions.

Who will own the stories?

POWER: Whose Story Is This? encourages each of us to change the world by changing what story we choose to tell and who it belongs to.

Surrogacy is a job

FEED MACHINES? In Full Surrogacy Now, Sophie Lewis wants to change the surrogacy industry. She wants to strengthen the rights of the parties and avoid abuse.

Feminism is a dirty concept

BLACK FEMINISM: A new anthology on black feminism in Europe gathers ideas and experiences from a struggle that has been in the shadow of its American counterpart for far too long.

Decolonize feminism!

FEMI imperialism: The feminists of the West have to look up and see that with their own struggles they are holding fellow sisters down, is the message of French state scientist Françoise Vergès' new and well-written book.

The rise and fall of the feminist

What happens when you end up in a position to actually realize the policy you claim to stand for? Director Viktor Nordenskiöld has been following former Foreign Minister in Sweden, Margot Wallström, for four years.

The non-feminist women advocates of the Eastern bloc

KVINDEKAMP: American liberal feminists love to hate Kristen Ghodsee, who rewrites the history of the women's struggle from an Eastern bloc perspective.

Women's collective anger

#METOO: Good and Mad encourages women to show their minds so that together we can create revolution and rule the patriarchy.

Viva la vagina!

The #FEMALE PLEASURE documentary unveils the demonization of the female body and breaks the silence of female sexuality.

From dystopia to feminist utopia

Bitch Doctrine: Essays for Dissenting Adults describes our dystopian world where women's struggle is more important than ever. Penny's book hits my feminist vein after I recently experienced a life transformation. 

Tempting and seductive feminism

Sometimes it is simple sparkling good. Breen and Jordahl's portrayal of the history of the women's battle in comic format is fresh and liberating without self-celebrity.