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About shitting culturally in your own nest

NOVEMBER 1, 1969: Observations by Sigurd Evensm:

To direct oneself

Robert Bresson: Notes on the cinematographer, Translated into Danish and with preface by Emil Leth Meilvang

: Robert Bresson's Aphorism Collection Notes on the cinematograph are seldom stylish and minimalist – finally available in Danish translation.

Harepus in Nazi land

: Sonja Henie still creates division among the audience. And it is not easy to determine her reputation: Was she a heroine or a determined egoist?

Proximity to American conventionalism

Carl Javér / Paul Greengrass: Reconstructing Utøya / 22 July

: Of the two new films about the Utøya massacre, it is Reconstructing Utøya which, through the honest stories of four survivors, in all its simplicity allows us to sense both the extent of the tragedy and a way forward for those involved.

Revolutionary film movement

Kristine Briede & Audrius Stonys: Baltic movie days: Bridges of Time

: Bridges of Time is a tribute to the directors who shaped the poetic documentary tradition in the Baltics; a revolutionary film movement that fought for human inner freedom during the occupation of the Soviet Union.

Poetic about an occupied people 

Annick Ghijzelings: Ma'ohi Nui, in the Heart of the Ocean My Country Lies

: The Heart of the Ocean is a poetic exploration of the lives of the natives of Tahiti and French Polynesia, and reveals the fatal aftermath of nuclear tests and colonization.

A tribute to the home

Hisham al-Zouki: On the Ruins of a Dream

: On the Ruins of a Dream is an exercise in reflecting on what a home means – but also what it means to lose it. 

Movie: September

: ...

Movie: August

: ...

The function of oblivion

Jennifer Fox: The Tale

: The Tale is an autobiographical and ambivalent story about abuse and subsequent trauma, based on director Jennifer Fox's own experiences as a child. 

A lively echo from a war zone 

Lukasz Lakomy, Veronika Glasunowa: Long Echo

: Following a Tanzanian taxi driver in a small town in the Donetsk province of Ukraine, Long Echo presents a new view of a story that has virtually disappeared from the daily news reports in European media.

The struggle for survival

: British filmmaker Kim Longinotto is making documentaries about rebellious outsiders, in which women fighting for their own survival are the celebrated protagonist.