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1968 – 2018 – the dream lives on

Looking back at 1968 during this year's International Documentary Festival in Thessaloniki.

Rebirth of a "lost" Spanish classic

An indirect but revealing portrait of Spain in a painful transition period.

Looking beyond the borders

Danish The Distant Barking of Dogs depicts a ten-year-old boy growing up on the frontline of Ukraine, while Swedish The Deminer is about a mine-raiser in IS-ravaged Iraq. 

Interpretation and prejudice

The dramatizations of our great national tragedy are in line. Why is it more sensitive that a foreigner manages 22. Christmas story than one of our own filmmakers?

The conqueror of the useless

A true democracy must be open to dissent, difference and the useless. And only through this "conquest of the useless" can we approach the truth.

Selfies from the Holocaust

The Austerlitz documentary observes the hordes of people visiting the German concentration camps, as if they were any tourist attraction.

Rehumanization of refugees

With a subdued and unobtrusive approach, director and anthropologist Laurent Van Lancker lets the residents of the now-destroyed camp at Calais describe their separated community in their own words.

The dark continent

How inaccessible – or open – can a person's inner life become to others?

Portrait of a child worker

Thousands of little girls all the way down to the age of 6 are sent from their poor homes in the countryside to the capital to earn some lousy cash. There they are exchanged under bars that can break even a powerful adult back.

The war as a show

What does a radio DJ do when her homeland turns into one of the world's most gruesome battlefields? Obaidah Zytoon chose to make a documentary about it.

The Swedish top boss


The triumph of self-destruction

Who do we become when the place we come from disappears?

The deadly legacy of colonialism

A documentary on oppressors and murders that finally ended in Sri Lanka.

The sweet side of life

Lyubov – Love in Russian is a lyrical journey into the Russian soul.