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A parachute landing in the mission archive

Morten West: The savior

: Documentary filmmaker Morten Vest came across the archive of the Danish branch of the United Sudan Mission, and mixes parts from there with interviews from today. The result is an interesting but ahistorical tale.

Identity match in Croatia 

Nebojsa Slijepcevic: Srbenka

: Srbenka is a skilled meta-theater that involves the actors' own experiences and memories from the war in the 90s. It also provides a good insight into how daily life looks among the Serbian minority in Croatia. 

From archive to canvas

Catherine Russell: Archiveology

: Catherine Russell has made a reading of so-called archivology – a way to create, interpret, reinterpret and evoke history through the film medium.

Movie: June

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Movie: May

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Movie: April

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1968 – 2018 – the dream lives on

: A look back at 1968 during this year's international documentary festival in Thessaloniki.

Rebirth of a "lost" Spanish classic

Jaime Chavarri: The Disenchantment (El desencanto)

: An indirect but revealing portrait of Spain in a painful transition period.

Looking beyond the borders

Simon Lereng Wilmont / Hogir Hirori and Shinwar Kamal: The Distant Barking of Dogs / The Deminer

: Danish The Distant Barking of Dogs depicts a ten-year-old boy growing up on the front lines in Ukraine, while Swedish The Deminer is about a deminer in IS-ravaged Iraq. 

Interpretation and prejudice

: The dramatizations of our great national tragedy are in line. Why is it more sensitive for a foreigner to manage the July 22 story than one of our own filmmakers?

The conqueror of the useless

Kristoffer Hegnsvad: Werner Herzog. Ecstatic truth and other useless conquests

: A true democracy must be open to dissent, differences and the useless. And only through this "conquest of the useless" can we approach the truth.

Selfies from the Holocaust

Sergei Loznitsa: Austerlitz

: The documentary Austerlitz observes the hordes of people visiting the German concentration camps, as if they were any tourist attraction.