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Rehumanization of refugees

Laurent Van Lancker: Kales

: With a subdued and unobtrusive approach, director and anthropologist Laurent Van Lancker lets the residents of the now destroyed camp at Calais describe their separate community in their own words.

The dark continent

Wojciech Kaspersky: Icon

: How inaccessible – or open – can a person's inner life become to others?

Portrait of a child worker

Mari Bakke Riise: Kayayo – the live shopping baskets

: Thousands of little girls as young as 6 years old are sent from their alkali-poor homes in the countryside to the capital to earn a few pennies. There they are exchanged under burrows that can break even a strong adult back.

The war as a show

Obaidah Zytoon, Andreas Dalsgaard: The War Show

: What does a radio DJ do when her homeland is transformed into one of the cruelest battlefields on the planet? Obaidah Zytoon chose to make a documentary about it.

The Swedish top boss

Petr Horky: The Russian Job

: ...

The triumph of self-destruction

Hendrick Dusollier: Last Days in Shibati

: Who do we become when the place we come from disappears?

The deadly legacy of colonialism

Jude Ratnam: Demons in Paradise

: A documentary about oppressors and murders that finally ended Sri Lanka.

The sweet side of life

Staffan Julen: LYUBOV – Love in Russian

: Lyubov – Love in Russian is a lyrical journey into the Russian soul.

The many ways of power

Tereza Nvotová / Yann L'Hénoret / Ted Bourne, Mary Robertson and Banks Tarver: The Lust for Power / The Candidate: The Rise of Emmanuel Macron / Trumped: Inside the Greatest Political Upset of All Time

: This year's Jihlava Festival focused on political film. Several were about heads of state and the election processes that led to their victory.

To imprison a director

Askold Kurov: The Trial: The State of Russia vs. Oleg Sentsov

: Doubts about the question of guilt emerge in the dialogue between director Askold Kurov and Vladimir Putin: It is not even clear what crimes Oleg Sentsov is said to have committed.

MOVIE FROM THE SOUTH: The waiting room of death

Shevaun Mizrahi: Distant Constellation

: Shevaun Mizrahi's Distant Constellation follows the slow pace of the old home and teaches us something about what it means to grow old.

The price of freedom

: Danielle Arbid

: The sexuality of Lebanese Danielle Arbid's films is an expression of protest, struggle and rebellion against taboos.