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film festival

A young look at history


: Despite Slovak dominance in the Plzen festival recently, two Czech newcomers excelled.

Women raise their voice in Turkey 

: The international women's film festival Filmmor in Turkey may be seen as a drop in a male-dominated sea, but it is part of a feminist current that is growing in strength and scope.

Communism beyond ideological images

: DOK Leipzig October 30 to November 5, 2017 60th International Leipzig Festival of Documentary and Animated Film

: «Spatial images are society's dreams. Where the hieroglyphs in these images can be deciphered, one finds the basis for social reality. "

Slavery behind pleasure

: The Chocolate Case. Director and photo: Benthe Forrer

: The most innocent things can hide a brutal reality.

A murder that stings deeply

Juan Mejita Botero and Jake Kheel: Death by a Thousand Cuts.

: Based on the murder of a forest ranger, this documentary outlines the deep contradictions between two neighboring countries – which in turn can be seen as a thumbnail of several of the world's conflicts. 

The paradox of liberalism

Fragil Equilibrio: Delicate Balance.

: With Uruguay's former president as commentator, Delicate Balance puts the growing inequality and the global power of the market in a larger context.

Surfing against all odds

Philip Gnadt, Mickey Yamine, Germany, 2016: Gaza Surf Club.

: This beautiful documentary takes us to the surfing world of the Gaza Strip and reveals an impressive resilience in a besieged population.

The dream of Europe

: Born in Syria. Directed / photo: Hernán Zin

: The documentary Born in Syria lets us get to know seven Syrian children and their different paths to and through Europe.

"Stay away, otherwise we treat you like animals"

Eva Orner: Chasing Asylum.

: Chasing Asylum provides a timely critical look at Australia's cruel refugee policy.

He who burns down his father's house inherits the ashes

Jaqueline Farris: Nowhere to Run.

: The title Nowhere to Run unfortunately says the most about Nigeria's environmental crisis. The film provides a useful introduction to the overwhelming amount of environmental problems that plague this part of the world.

The World Theater in Bergen 

: BIFF gives us global farsightedness and faith in the future back. Here are two of the environmental films from Norway's most important film festival. 

Specific measures to save tomorrow

: There is no excuse to wait until tomorrow. The documentary Tomorrow presents constructive solutions to the climate problems facing the world.