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The road to a new legal order

On May 9, the artist couple Julian Blaue and Edy Poppy reported themselves for structural violence. They are now on an exploration trip in Rio de Janeiro, and encourage Ny Tid readers to join the self-report.

Intelligence metamorphoses

French philosopher Catherine Malabou asks a timely question, but does not give a clear answer in her new book on intelligence.

Islam's forgotten culture and the meaning of Sufism

What kind of change has happened to a culture that has fascinated explorers and free thinkers for centuries?

The sky is not falling

In many ways, the world is becoming a better place to be, for more and more people. According to Professor at the Copenhagen Business School, Bjørn Lomborg, we can thank broad economic growth for this.

Catechism over death

Simon Critchley's obituary is a display of Socratic ignorance and may be a thought for many.

Notes on Masoch, Deleuze and Radical Fashion

The recently deceased philosopher Mario Perniola touches on the masochistic relationship, the idea of ​​the body as cloth and radical fashion in this text from the anthology Deleuze in the west.

An anti-fascist life

The anthology Deleuze in the West is a collection of texts that highlight the tools of the philosopher Gilles Deleuze for resistance to contemporary times. And all resistance begins with an effort.

Vita hyperactive!

When the belief in shared narratives fades, while the individual's life becomes more hectic, time itself loses direction and meaning, Byung-Chul Han believes.

Our narrative memory loss

Martin Lee Mueller has written an extraordinary book with the salmon's life and history as the focal point. It must be among the most important books published for a very, very long time.

Europe's crisis is philosophical

Europe is suffering from an unclear crisis: the forces that would unite us are absent, while the contradictions that would propel something new are too vague. A philosophical clarification of the disease is needed to prepare a healthy political struggle. 

Brain research does not meet man as a thinking being

Modern brain research today has an unquestionable guiding star role in recent science and research policy. Markus Gabriel calls into question this status and position, and shows that nothing less than our freedom is at stake.

The philosophy of life and nature

How should we understand nature's relationship to our man-made culture?

The big city as exploitation and resistance in the 21st century

Nostalgic analysis of the metropolis as subjectification, not politicization, by Italian political philosopher Antonio Negri.

The evil: the powerlessness of the spirit

French-Tunisian philosopher Mehdi Belhaj Kacem wants to teach us the way to good through increased insight into evil.

The melancholy guard post 

Allegory and melancholy are two key words for Walter Benjamin's writing, which is now moving backwards into Norwegian cultural life. Agora offers a delayed number by a "late" philosopher.

The press as 'fake news'

The press as fake news is no new phenomenon – according to Søren Kirkegaard, the content lies not in the content, but in the form and format itself.