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Is man the yardstick for all things?

Once again, JM Coetzee shows that he is able to tear the ground away from the reader's feet.

Don't demand from the artist that she is a good person

Charles Altieri turns the ethical responsibility of the author to the reader.

Questionable overall stories about the environment

Long before the industrial revolution, people have been warning about what a predatory nature can do.

Female orgasm – what's the point?

In a time when physiological explanations for human action reign, Peter Sloterdijk has written an important novel. 

Moment of clarity

An insightful eye opener to history as more than linear progress. 

An electromagnetic monster

What if you could connect your brain to a mobile hard drive and run it on your computer. If so, would the computer be able to think and feel like a sapiens? Would the computer be you? 

To spread power

Vaccaro's social criticism is primarily directed at financial capitalism, which earns one percent at the expense of the other 99. 

The living image as recognition

The use of photography and film for ethnographic purposes is nothing new. But vivid images are more than just entertainment and storytelling.

A Communist Manifesto

Can Karl Marx still show us some ways forward 168 years after the book came out?

Attempt to take it all inward

In Erland Kiøsterud's Hunger and Beauty, the hunt is felt along the breaking surfaces of an ice-thick world, in search of something that can heal it.

How to live together

Excerpt from a new book based on Roland Barthes: Living together all the time can become claustrophobic. But we can live side by side. 

Diverse immersion in change

Deleuze's Leibniz book is the most complex philosopher wrote, but also a Bible for those who want to delve into his concept of becoming.

Marxist alienation and post-anarchism

This month, Dag Østerberg published the book From Marx' to newer capital criticism. We take the opportunity to take up Marx in a critical way – with themes such as alienation, competitive society, as well as the role of anarchism and intellectuals now.

The ontological earthquake

Freud's bourgeois paradox, the collapse of ideology, and the return of social questions to the ruling class are some of the themes in this essay collection.

The ethical value of literature

Literature and art can help us out of anger and frustration and towards a greater understanding, says Martha Nussbaum. 

Biblical beginnings of journalism

Derrida's juxtaposition of Christianity and modern journalism is thought-provoking, but it is difficult to take the philosopher's ideological criticism of the media as a Christian phenomenon seriously.