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financial crisis

The wild socialism

Charles Reeve: Le socialism sauvage. Essay about the car organization and democracy direct dance lessons in the near future

: SELF-ORGANIZATION: Is anti-authoritarian socialism there when the labor movement has disappeared, or is it rather that something new is emerging?

The finance elite's manipulation of reality

Arne de Boever: Finance Fictions: Realism and Psychosis in a Time of Economic Crisis

THE PARADOX OF MONEY: Arne de Boever explores how the unstable reality of finances makes people psychotic – and pushes literary realism to its outer limits.

The crisis when it comes

: The next financial crisis will not be like the previous one.

Champion Liar

Barry Levinson .: The Wizard of Lies

: When the huge scam was revealed, everyone around Madoff claimed to be ignorant. How was that possible?