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What is the direction of the UN with the world's richest multinational companies as partners?

Klaus Schwab and Thiery Malleret: Covid 19: The Great Reset

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM: The book Covid-19: The Great Reset is about a transformation of a social structure where the nation state is out, and global governance is in.

Gaza: The causes need attention

ATTACK: The Western press and governments' coverage of the latest brutal Israeli attack on the Palestinians is historyless.

UN states: Far from banning killing robots

WEAPONS OF THE FUTURE: Human Rights Watch has released a report on the regulation of autonomous weapons. What will determine the wars of the future?

Mercedes without engine

Donald Trumps: "Deal of the Century" could, in the worst case, end up being a trigger for the original potential for conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.

Unrestrained apartheid

Palestine Annex: Israel was quick to portray the Palestinians as carriers of the virus and as a health threat. Today, the Gaza crisis is territorial, demographic, political – and biological.

"A murderous system is being created"

ASSANGE: "If Julian Assange is convicted, a murderous system is about to arise right before our eyes. It will be the death knell for freedom of the press and the rule of law, "said Nils Melzer, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture.


21. 2. 1970: Leather

At full speed into an ecological cul-de-sac

5G: It is not documented that 5G is safe. On the contrary, 5G will amplify the damage we have all inflicted on the biosphere and life on Earth.

The culture of the future of the future and Abiy Ahmed

COMMENT: In the future, people and governments are assumed to have learned enough to be able to handle conflicts without weapons and enemy thinking. Whether we will ever get there, we do not know, but the possibility exists, and how it will be, depends on our choices.

Stop trade in torture tools

TORTURE: A UN resolution on trade in tools used for torture will bring us one step closer to the goal of a world without torture.

A rebel universality from below

Massimiliano Tomba: Insurgent Universality: An Alternative Legacy of Modernity

TRACKING OF THE ORDER: The ruling order does everything in its power to derail the uprisings.

Dictator country, hand in hand

: China's grip on Africa is tightening at record speed, while the country is blowing in UN sanctions against African dictators and war criminals.