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Should you use a loan broker when applying for an unsecured loan?

LOAN: Obtaining many offers is important when you are comparing conditions, and thus find the cheapest solution.

You should know this before applying for a consumer loan

: If you are going to borrow money first without providing security, it is about making and finding the best deals, and getting thoroughly acquainted with the conditions.

Use of credit card for refurbishment

: How to finance renovation? Credit cards or consumer loans are two options.

Flashy Norwegian-supported consumption in Africa

Deborah Posel and Ilana van Wyk (eds.): Conspicuous consumption in Africa

CONSUMPTION AND CORRUPTION: We have not heard much about Luanda Leaks in Norway. Perhaps because it is embarrassing that Statoil paid NOK 420 million to a non-existent research center owned by Angola's state oil company Sonangol, where Isabel dos Santos was director until she was fired in November 2017?

To think more coherently about the environment and the economy

GREEN GROWTH: Is it possible with a recycling to extend the life of objects and materials? And what about local circuits and small-scale businesses?

Growth at all costs?

Vaclav Smile: Growth. From Microorganisms to Megacities

CONSUMPTION: Can we continue the current practice of continuous economic growth? Can our own society with over-consumption be transferred to the planet's new billions of future citizens?