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Living is quite a strange thing

WRITING: Murakami is charismatic without seeming pedantic. A mental training diary?

The Soviet Union and Solzhenitsyn

DISSIDENT: More and more scientists and artists are arrested, sent to prison or placed in psychiatric clinics as insane, if they have deviated from the "party line". Evensmo takes up Solzhenitsyn here after spending a couple of years reading everything he has written – well over 2000 pages.

ChatGPT – an impersonal paradigm shift?

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Is it only now that individualism, the cultivation of individuals, with new technology such as ChatGPT, is about to change?

They risk life for writing

How often do we read writers who have had to flee from war, death threats, torture and prison? But do we really long for a kind of detachment from a safe, prosperous, sheltered society?

An adventurer in the inner world

Director Corinna Belz on an exclusive house visit with Peter Handke. Are we finally getting thanks to the shy and multifaceted author? 

Art and squash cabbage

Is the ecocritical author a prolific breed?

"Here you see the slab bags in the kingdom"

Everything you need to know about the Norwegian Writers Association Annual Meeting.