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An internationalism that should not be nationalistic

POPULISM: Antonio Gramsci would have united autonomy and internationalism. MODERN TIMES talks to the philosopher Diego Fusaro in connection with a new Norwegian release.

Who is the 5G revolution for?

5G: This autumn, Trondheim will be Norway's first 5G city. 5G will lay the foundation for a technological revolution. Advertising for the people includes faster internet, smart cities and the Internet of Things. But is life getting better?

When the self breaks down

Paul Møller: Schizophrenia

: Schizophrenia is still a mystery to researchers, but Paul Møller has given us a knowledgeable book about the phenomenon.

The hunt for our genetic past 

Christian Frei, Maxim Arbugaev: Genesis 2.0

: In Genesis 2.0, we follow Siberian hunters in search of animal carcasses buried in the Siberian permafrost. If only one living cell can be retrieved from here, the artificial reconstruction of the mammoth can become a reality.   

Psychopharmaceutical Nation

Anniken Hoel: Cause of death: Unknown.

: What does it help with firefighting at one end when someone is standing at the other and rather on gasoline? Too much is ugly with the world's pharmaceutical industry.