Theater of Cruelty


"You can end up with the only peace being the graveyard peace."

MODERN TIMES CONVERSATIONS: We talk to the former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, the man who could have become Prime Minister of Great Britain, about current issues – such as military rearmament, Ukraine, Israel, climate justice and work, security, democracy, citizens' councils, and not least a hope for the future.

New threat images, war in Europe – and the defense of the future

All hindsight notwithstanding – the Russian #invasion# came hard on the vast majority of us. In terms of peace policy, we were also ill-prepared for it...

Defense budget for increased confrontation

Is it wise to undermine Norwegian base policy?

Is VG published by NATO?

The World Gang is Norway's most read newspaper. The newspaper sets the agenda, and characterizes and dominates Norwegian political debate. Then it is a pity that the newspaper's defense and foreign policy profile is so uncritical that one would think the newspaper is published by NATO or the Pentagon. 

More money for fighter jets and overseas missions

This year's defense budget represents an increase in spending of 9,8 percent compared to 2015. But does the increase in budget contribute to strengthening defense capacity when almost everything goes to the purchase of new fighter aircraft?

Wash, arms industry

When Norway was on arms shopping in the heart of London along with countries such as Saudi Arabia, Israel, the United States and Korea, an artist stood outside trying to call for an attentive look at the world.