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To start all over again

Hannah Arendt, translator Joachim Wrang: Life of the Mind

PHILOSOPHY: Hannah Arendt's work of old age examines thinking, freedom, will and future. Is there anything thought-provoking about our technologically automated societies?

future manufacturing

Elizabeth Gross: Chaos, territory, art. Deleuze and the Earth Framing

ART & PHILOSOPHY: The earth as a whole has been transformed into human territory at the expense of all other life forms. MODERN TIMES prints here an excerpt from the book Chaos, territory, art.

Life with the robots in the future of the day

Isa Willinger: Hi, AI

THE ROBOTS AND US: The most amazing thing about this documentary is the contrast between the robots' awkward shortcomings and the patience they receive with the people who train them.

"It is 'you whites' who have created 'us blacks'"

Alain Mabanckou (editor): Penser et écrire l'Afrique aujourd'hui Seuil

AFRICAN FAITH FOR THE FUTURE: "It is false to strive for justice 'at home' if one constantly exploits 'over there'," writes one of the contributors in a new anthology about Africa.

Future without utopia?

Martin Rees: On the Future – Prospects for Humanity

: Rees strives as much as the rest of us to separate science from science fiction. He declares himself a technological optimist and a political pessimist, but the role of technology becomes difficult to understand without a credible vision of a better world.