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peace efforts

Never more war?

: Can a third world war based on allegations be thrown at us? Our allies have deployed doomsday weapons in large numbers – a major war today puts all lives in danger.

Johan Galtung: Security does not give peace – peace gives security

: Ny Tid has visited the founder of peace research Johan Galtung in his home in Spain. Now he is 87 – and still in full vigor.

To build peace

: While the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 'section for peace and reconciliation spends one and a half billion a year, the Armed Forces' budget is over 44 billion. What are the lessons learned from others who have set up their own Ministry of Peace?

Want to have own human rights minister

: War and conflict must be seen in a larger context, says Trine Skei Grande. 

Nordic peace work 

: Professor Stein Tønnesson at the Peace Research Institute PRIO believes that we should join forces with other Nordic countries to strengthen the work on conflict prevention

Ministry of Peace

: Can we stop war with war? No, several organizations in the Norwegian peace movement believe. Ahead of the elections in September, they are intensifying their work for a separate peace ministry. 

Is there peace in Colombia?

: In order to create lasting peace, it is not enough to sign good agreements – the implementation of the agreement is a chapter in itself.

Want to earmark your treasure for peace?

: MODERN TIMES has calculated that peace organizations could have 100 million transferred through such a scheme. When a government can respect the citizens' right to refuse to participate directly in war, the State should also be able to grant the citizen the right to refuse to pay for the same war, according to the Peace Tax Alliance in Norway. ?

Peace tax movements internationally

: The peace tax movement is significant, with activists in a large number of countries.

USA in free fall

: The United States as a superpower will cease faster under Trump, according to Johan Galtung.

To build something bigger than oneself

: It was the network-based way of working that we continued during the huge demonstrations against the Iraq war in 2003, peacekeepers say.

"We have to stop being so naive!"

: This shouted the aging Senegalese economist from the rostrum. It basically sums up large parts of this autumn's largest peace congress.