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peace treaty

UN Security Council Resolution1325 – equally relevant today

PILGRIMAGE COLOMBIA: Three years after the peace agreement between the Colombian government and the FARC-EP, the picture is not very encouraging. Nevertheless, both individual women and women's organizations dare to stand up and contribute to openness and improvement.

Is peace in the Central African Republic?

: The parties to the conflict in the Central African Republic have signed a peace agreement. This is not the first time warring parties in the country have done just that, and it will hardly be the last.

The role of victims in the peace process 

: There is no doubt that the victims will be the strongest voices for peace and reconciliation in Colombia. Following the no result in the referendum, the future of the peace agreement is uncertain.

The women's struggle and the road to peace

: Sexual violence against women has been a major part of the conflict in Colombia. Nevertheless, women were underrepresented at the negotiating table.

Now the people must vote for peace

: Norway, together with Cuba, has been the "guarantor" of the peace process. Now the people of Colombia must vote in favor of the peace agreement before it can be implemented.