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peace policy

The culture of the future of the future and Abiy Ahmed

COMMENT: In the future, people and governments are assumed to have learned enough to be able to handle conflicts without weapons and enemy thinking. Whether we will ever get there, we do not know, but the possibility exists, and how it will be, depends on our choices.

Is it really useful to get involved in peace policy issues?

: The current government no longer supports peace information work.

The 19. World Youth Festival

: World peace – just a dream? Not for the young people who meet at what is probably the world's largest peace policy festival.

A vitamin policy peace supplement in the election campaign

: In the middle of the election campaign, an exciting and highly political exhibition opened at Akershus Kunstsenter. Through the Flag follows the bottle, the artist group ANNEX gives us a critical look at the country's treatment of asylum seekers, the affluent society and not least the war nation Norway.