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Nobel Peace Prize

Contrary to the will of the Nobel

Fredrik Heffermehl: The back of the medal. Nobel Peace Prize – 100 years of unused opportunities

THE NOBEL PRIZE: Alfred Nobel's will is a document that the executors by law are obliged to follow. Heffermehl documents that the committee appointed by the Norwegian Storting since 1901 has ignored the will.

Organic rage

Fausto Padovini: Omo Change

ETHIOPIA: Could modernity have sprinkled some small blessings on peoples in the homeland of Nobel Prize winner Abiy Ahmed?

The culture of the future of the future and Abiy Ahmed

COMMENT: In the future, people and governments are assumed to have learned enough to be able to handle conflicts without weapons and enemy thinking. Whether we will ever get there, we do not know, but the possibility exists, and how it will be, depends on our choices.

Leader: Nobler than Nobel


The Nobel Peace Prize does not say anything about peace. Or something about the Nobel values ​​and testament. The price says something about us.