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Why is love political?

Seyda Kurt: Radical tenderness

PSYCHOLOGY: Love is not a project of isolation, but a project of freedom, according to Seyda Kurt: The freedom to be able to choose for oneself is about radical tenderness, about justice.

Nawal El-Saadawi – in memorandum

Nawal El-Saadawi: A conversation about freedom, freedom of speech, democracy and elites in Egypt.

The divine comedy

EVIL: God Himself is the problem of evil: Do we have to kill, and do we have to kill many, and all the time, for the world to get better?

Is it a pity for America?

Great power madness?: America's shadow pages have for many made fatal love and the relationship destructive. Bjørneboe's indignation towards America was of the solidarity type.

The coming technological decade

: Will increased control or surveillance in this decade gradually be left more to algorithms that carry out actions based on so-called "actionable intelligence"?

To talk about death

Birgitta Haga Gripsrud, Lisbeth Thoresen: Everything that lives must die. Death as an interdisciplinary field of knowledge

DEATH: The way we die means a lot on the last page of life. This anthology gives a good impression of how we talk about death in today's society.

To start all over again

Hannah Arendt, translator Joachim Wrang: Life of the Mind

PHILOSOPHY: Hannah Arendt's work of old age examines thinking, freedom, will and future. Is there anything thought-provoking about our technologically automated societies?

What is freedom without governance?

Cass R. Sunstein: On Freedom

PATERNALISM: Sunstein advocates active social manipulation to help us make wiser choices. In the book On Freedom, he questions whether free choice actually promotes human welfare.

Into a new age: The feeling of community

DEMOCRACY: The growing skepticism of the authorities is a global trend. Can an increased degree of civic participation and attention to shared responsibility restore trust?

Captured freedom

: The theme of freedom is repeated in the writing of Margaret Atwood, where she depicts the lives of men and women living in prison – metaphorically and literally. Her lyrics have made a great impression on me at a time when my freedom is reduced against my own will.

The problem of social inequality

: Has man in the past really lived with nature in freedom and equality, and then ended up in the shackles of modernity? In this essay, nothing less is tried than adding the first building blocks to a completely new understanding of history. 

The Liberal Utopia

Dybedahl, Kristjánsson, Innset and Hverven (eds.): No people are born free

: Above all, it is we who do not blame liberalism for all that is wrong in this world, who should dwell on this book. 

Security or freedom?

: ...

The freedom of dance

Elvira Lind: Bobbi Jene

: The film Bobbi Jene inspires you to get more in touch with your own body.

Q and privacy

: The Center Party and party leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum believe in a majority for the proposal for a statutory obligation to accept cash. If there is no prestige in the case.

The future as the yardstick of all things

: Thomas More's book Utopia turns 500 years old this year. Ny Tid uses the opportunity to celebrate this still radical masterpiece.