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To escape the ultra-Orthodox lifestyle

Anna Winger, Alexa Karolinski: unorthodox

: Thoughtful story about a young girl who leaves a Hasidic society for a better life outside.

Ground Fascism

: The Plot Against America

ANTISEMITTISM: Although it depicts an alternative story about the United States during World War II, The Plot Against America paints a frighteningly realistic picture of how fascist ideology can play out in practice.

The city that was left in the fog of oblivion

Guy-Marc Hinant: Charleroi, The Land of 60 Mountains

BYHISTORIER / BELGIUM: The filmmaker Guy-Marc Hinant wants to save the hometown's reputation by digging out the forgotten stories that have been hidden in the slag heaps of the city's memories.

To whom it May concern

: It is 75 years since the Jews were deported from Vippetangen in Oslo. Can history repeat itself? Yes, thought author Arnold Jacoby. 

A third-generation refugee returns home

Deborah Feldman: About Bitten

: Despite all the conflict-filled feelings towards the traces of Nazi Germany, it is in Berlin that American-Jewish Deborah Feldman feels at home for the first time.