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Galtung's method of peace

CONFLICT RESOLUTION:: Johan Galtung turns 90 on UN Day on 24 October.

Gandhi's method

NEWSPAPER EDITOR: Fighting for peace and reconciliation is not easy.

To reconcile trauma

: Ny Tids' now regular columnist, peace researcher Johan Galtung, draws lines between possible reasons why the world is as it is – and solutions to the challenges we face.

"Galtung is not anti-Semite"

: Johan Galtung is the father of peace research.

Johan Galtung: How is Norway going?

: How independent and critical can one be? In part 2 of the double interview with Johan Galtung, we talk about Norway's relations with the USA, Sweden, Muslims, anarchism and Marxism.

Johan Galtung: Security does not give peace – peace gives security

: Ny Tid has visited the founder of peace research Johan Galtung in his home in Spain. Now he is 87 – and still in full vigor.

USA in free fall

: The United States as a superpower will cease faster under Trump, according to Johan Galtung.