Theater of Cruelty


War propaganda: seeing the fake game up close

PRESS AND MEDIA : After several hundred thousand dead, it is time for a pause to think about the war in Ukraine. What we in the press do is propaganda, and the price can be high. News is often created within a self-referential framework, writes war correspondent Ragnar Skre.

Towards a greener future at Evvia

FILM FESTIVAL/CLIMATE: In the wake of the catastrophic forest fires on Evvia, the Greek island has had its own film festival, which is fittingly also a meeting point for discussing climate, environment and sustainability.

The post-Soviet city where dance is political

TECHNO-PROTESTS: A dancing protest and its growth and fall in front of the Georgia parliament.

The Georgian dogs

Join Georgia, where the street dogs are served ice cream and cheese bread and receive the necessary medical treatment in state animal clinics.

Not here, and not anymore

The Russia-Georgia war in 2008 was to show that the NATO expansion eastward limit had been reached. With the Ukraine crisis of 2013 – 15, it was exceeded. 

No Nato base in Georgia

By: Marita Isaksen Wangberg An article in the previous issue of Ny Tid gave the impression that NATO is building a base in Georgia ....