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Norway has become the USA's 'eyes and ears'

INTELLIGENCE COOPERATION: Contrary to Norwegian law, Norway is heavily involved in preparations for war in space, and Norwegian satellites and radar systems are used in the US space war. Bård Wormdal's third book reveals the extensive e-service cooperation between the USA and Norway outside NATO cooperation, authorized in secret agreements, outside the Storting's control. The revelations are startling. The spy war is a factual thriller about Norwegian security policy.

The wonderboy of German journalism tricked readers

FAKE NEWS: Claas Relotius tricked Der Spiegel's readers into fictional stories for years. Currently a self-examination and debate is underway in the German press.

Money and corpses in Sarkozy's wake 

French journalists Arfi and Laske dig into the real causes of the bombing in Libya in 2011. 

Investigative journalism in a digital age

Tanned media figures such as Noam Chomsky and Glen Greenwald interestingly discuss the terms of investigative journalism in Fred Peabody's documentary film All Governments Lie.

everyday Encryption 

Encryption for Hvermannsen is actually very simple.

The right to know

The three monkeys are a widely used illustration of those in power who will not hear, will not see, and therefore will not or cannot say anything about problems they are facing. But the three monkeys might as well be journalists – or you who read this. 

Find deleted information again

There are several ways to retrieve deleted information.

Engraving and secrecy

Grave journalism is a hot topic for the time being. The SKUP conference on investigative journalism, with 600 media people in Tønsberg as participants, was organized the same week as the Panama Papers was released in the media.

Find the bankruptcy rider

At the annual SKUP conference, we can share the rawness of our methods even if we are competing for the issues

Leer-Salvesen: Picture checks

There are many ways to investigate the origin of an image.

"Grave journalism is threatened"

The OSCE Representative for Press Freedom and the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression are concerned about the growing surveillance threat to journalists.