Theater of Cruelty


Why this photo book?

BUENOS AIRES: The city has an intensity on every street corner that seduces even the most hurried visitor. Does the book disappoint for its stereotypical and mediocre photographs?

A proposal for increased democracy, called «pluralist socialism»

ECONOMY: Dragsted has a number of suggestions for how employees can get a larger share of the «community cake» – e.g. by shutting them into the corporate executive rooms.

The cultural binder

NOVEL: DeLillo stages a kind of general, paranoid state, a suspicion that has global reach.

The moment of freedom

EUROPE: Bjørneboe's black humor is dialectical thinking about the conditions of unsentimental human dignity. It strikes with its cynicism the blue-eyed and decent mass murderers of the usual barbaric moral type. '

About belonging

IDENTITY: Finally comes the book about what it's like to grow up between two cultures, told by Norwegian third-culture children.

Kierkegaard as a thinker of the time

literary critic: A selection of Søren Kierkegaard's magazine articles is no easy introduction to his thinking. In contrast, they act as a marker of the thinker as the voice of his time.

Man should enter into a contract between the living, the dead and the unborn

Denmark's former Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller has authored a book on the world's challenges. It is dystopian, but Møller also offers suggestions for solutions.

Bleak dystopia, flimsy hope

Denmark's former Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller has authored a book on the world's challenges. It is deeply dystopian, but Møller also comes up with suggestions for solutions.

Road trip to hell

Solar is an exceptional, apocalyptic novel about a human being, moving from modern alienation to a dissolution in the world universe.

Why are we so afraid of terror?

Dangerous is an easy-to-read and good book about the causes of all our unfounded fears.

Planless walks

In her quest for the peculiar Norwegian, the Danish author Suzanne Brøgger delivers a very fragmentary and disjointed text.

Hairpin swings and hives

Thor Sørheim is approaching rivers and the Trollstigen, small children and hollyhocks with a perception psychologist's open mind and senses.

The machines first, the human after?

Artificial intelligence cannot replace social knowledge and competence, as it is inferior to human judgment and always will be.

What the landscape provides

Nature is in dialogue with the poetry in Karin Haugane's latest collection of poems, where time itself is the most important building block.

The writing of the aging man

90-year-old Torben Brostrøm and 80-year-old Jørgen Leth give us experienced words about old age, life and death.