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Signs of the Media Times – interview with Truls Lie

INTERVIEW: MODERN TIMESs editor Truls Lie interviewed by Forum Borealis on several topics.

Bone women's fight in a male-dominated industry

Jill Abramson: Merchants of Truth – The Business of News and the Fight for Facts Author

: DISCRIMINATION: Jill Abramson gives the unvarnished truth about how female journalists are exposed to sexism in some of America's largest newspaper houses.

Galtung: More peace journalism

: The media is more concerned with violence than peace, according to Johan Galtung. 

When you know someone who knows someone

: Thor Halvorssen's OFF and Human Rights Foundation have been strongly attacked for lack of credibility. Halvorssen believes the media creates 'facts', and attacks a number of Norwegian journalists who glorify the left in Venezuela.

Vital biennial

: It is now two years since the new Ny Tid was established. So where does the road go next?