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Children on the run

Ida Theresa Myklebost: Unwelcome

: On the border between Greece and Macedonia, the Al Bakri family lives in a makeshift tent camp. They have fled from the hell of war in Syria, to the hell of refugee life in Europe. What do you do when the only thing you own is hope?

Greece – fascism is celebrating. Norway bears heavy co-responsibility

: "In Greece, everything is pretty much calm on the one-year anniversary of the military coup" (NRK).

Darkness in Greece

: For the third year in a row, thousands of refugees in Greece are facing the coldest season without proper winter measures.

When glimpses of humanity become grotesque

Håvard Bustnes: Golden Dawn Girls

: In this documentary we follow three of the women in the top leadership of the far-right Greek party Golden Dawn.

While we wait for communism

Alain Badiou: Un parcours grec Circonstances, 8

: We are in the last phase of a reactionary period that has lasted for 40 years, Alain Badiou believes: The communist idea will soon reappear.

Greece: Bright spots in a sea of ​​misery

: Across the crisis-stricken Greece, solidarity clinics have emerged that are crucial to hundreds of thousands of Greeks.

Grass root in Greek

: A solidarity network in Greece may appear optimistic – but they have no other choice.

Solidarity project starts in Norway

: A broad solidarity campaign with the Greek people has got an uplifting start, according to the LO leader.

From elite politics

: How has a Nazi party become so big in Greece? What is it that makes fascism take root in some places, but not in others? These were the questions Evangelos Lagos and a team of Greek researchers asked themselves before launching a four-year survey of young Greeks voting Golden Dawn.