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Warning of the future

Utopia: An essayistic documentary that stretches towards future visions and utopias, but with a bleak foundational tone and inability to see any way out of the paralysis it describes.

The war reporter close to the truth

PORTRAIT FILM: War Reporter Robert Fisk has the courage to monitor and challenge. He is known for reporting from the front lines in violation of the official line of politicians and authorities.

The dream factory and reality

MOVIE ABOUT MOVIE: Quentin Tarantino's new movie is a grand and captivating tribute to Hollywood, against a not-so-escapist backdrop of hippie time, the Vietnam War and the Manson family's misdeeds.

Harepus in Nazi land

Sonja Henie still creates a divide in the audience. And it's not easy to establish her reputation: Was she a heroine or a determined egoist?

A star is created

An experimental and poetic documentary gives the audience an astonishing insight into Cary Grant's career.