Theater of Cruelty


IBM and Ford in Hitler's service

If you have visited the Center for Studies of #Holocaust and Religious Minorities in Oslo, you have probably noticed the installation at the entrance – it lights up ...

There is hope for better times for the past

HISTORY: National-cultivating historiography has characterized Norway for several decades, but Leidulf Melve and Eivind Heldaas Seland show the way out of disability.

Israel – a utopia?

ISRAEL: The German-Israeli author Omri Boehm has a past in Israeli secret services. He wants us to put the Nakba – the violent expulsion of around 700 Palestinians – on a par with the Holocaust.

South African identity

PHOTO: South African photographer Santu Mofokeng recently died at the age of 63. His image essays from the time during and after apartheid, however, live on.

Romania's bad conscience

HOLOCAUST: A doctor's diary reveals the troubling story of how Romania treated the Jews during World War II.

Where there is love, there is life

HOLOCAUST: The film is neither a historical account nor a teaching of facts, but a beautiful, cheerful and painful collection of memories of a man who lived during the Holocaust.

The Holocaust trauma never ends

Personal experiences turn into a thought-provoking film about trauma and stereotypes.

Unintentional effects of violence

The shadow of violence can extend far and wide, and these two films show the indirect damage that continues long after the direct violence has ceased.

Selfies from the Holocaust

The Austerlitz documentary observes the hordes of people visiting the German concentration camps, as if they were any tourist attraction.

The Holocaust as a pilgrimage

Israeli youths who are inconvenienced with the Holocaust recognition society demands of them give us hope.

Longer, higher, faster

After 13 years, Sigrid Undset days have now become Norway's leading literature meeting place.