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Human International Documentary Film Festival

Towards a paradigm shift in Norwegian drug policy

Kieran Kolle: The winds of change

DRUG REFORM: Perhaps it is the opponents of the government's drug reform who should watch the documentary The winds of change, which follows three activists from the Association for Human Drug Policy.

Portrait of an art thief and his girlfriend

Benjamin Ree: The artist and the thief

THEFT WITH TURN: The artist Barbora Kysilkova makes a surprising inquiry to one of the Norwegian thieves who stole her valuable paintings.

Hope, fill and frustration on Greenland

Sturla Pilskog, Sidse Torstholm Larsen: Winter's longing

INDEPENDENCE: The people of Greenland are dependent on the outside world, but see a hope for secession based on their own natural resources and powerful investors.

A need for dad

S. Leo Chiang, Yang Sun: Our Time Machine

TIME MACHINE: Concept artist Maleonn uses puppets to make contact with his demented father.

The shaman and the Norwegian engineer

Audun Amundsen: Newtopia

COMMUNITY: The expectation of a paradise free of modern progress turned into the story of the opposite, but most of all Newtopia is about two very different men who support and help each other when life is most brutal.

A movie for the big screen

Jan Vardøen: Descent into the Maelstrom

MAGNIFICENT: Ambitious depiction of nature and the people who live and work in Lofoten.

Criminal networks eradicate wild species

Richard Ladkani: Sea of ​​Shadows

ILLEGAL CATCH: Chinese mafia trades in swim bladders from fish, Mexican fishermen are pressured into criminal activities and the police are terrified.

The Art of Escape: A European Nightmare

Hassan Fazili: Midnight Traveler

MIGRANTS: The Fazili family are migrants. They are recording with mobile phones their dangerous journey from Afghanistan via the migrant route in the Balkans and to an uncertain future in Europe.

To unleash the demons of artificial intelligence

Tonje Hessen Schei: iHUMAN

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE:: The film draws us into a dark and fascinating field of research. But are we convinced that the development of artificial intelligence is beyond our control?

Permission for mass murder

Olivier Sarbil, James Jones: On the President's Orders

DRUG WAR: What happens when the perpetrators of state-monopolized violence are not only allowed to kill, but are promised impunity? Then one creates «a legal structure for mass murder».

Race for the accidents

Luke Lorentzen: Midnight Family

PATIENT HUNTING: The intense and up-to-date documentary Midnight Family follows a family-owned ambulance in Mexico City, and their extreme dilemmas between lifesaving and earnings.

Mexico's vulnerable excavators

Julien Elie: Dark Suns (Soleils Noirs)

THREATENED: With life at stake, Mexicans are trying to dig up the bodies of their dead relatives while being threatened by both the cartels and the authorities in a life-threatening terrorist empire.