Theater of Cruelty


One in a million

In The Poetess, we get to follow the only female participant in the most popular talent show in the Middle East, who through her poetry exhibits an extraordinary courage against gender segregation.

A painful catharsis

Sofia Haugan will make a full-length documentary about her father who is a drug addict. But first she has to find him. 

Inside the captive psyche

In California, there is a program that allows the detained zone of peace of mind.

Their prosperity is based on our poverty

Kenyan Kisilu Musya goes from being a father and farmer in the global south to traveling the world as an activist in the global north in this documentary by Julia Dahr.

A jihadist family portrait

Talal Derki's new documentary provides a rare insight into how the sons of al-Nusra warriors in Syria's Idlib province are being raised to become the next generation of jihadists.

The generation that lost hope

Following his young protagonist for six years, the documentary Amal also paints a portrait of Egypt during a period marked by dramatic upheaval.

Modern slave

Slavery has not been abolished. Here is the story of a woman's slavery and the impact the filmmaker's presence has on her life. 

Looking beyond the borders

Danish The Distant Barking of Dogs depicts a ten-year-old boy growing up on the frontline of Ukraine, while Swedish The Deminer is about a mine-raiser in IS-ravaged Iraq. 

When glimpses of humanity become grotesque

In this documentary, we follow three of the women in the top management of the right-wing Greek party Gyllent Daggry.

Development at a high price

The government of Cambodia is tightening its grip on power every day. The highly tense situation makes the documentary film A Cambodian Spring all the more gruesome.

Believers' wills

The result of controversial and acclaimed Michael Glawogger's latest unfinished work has become a dazzlingly beautiful, smoky, and buzzing epic about life.