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The books are pilgrimages

Peter Handke: Does art possess an independent quality that cannot be overridden by a moral chief judge?

Celebration of mankind's diversity

Agnès Varda: Varda by Agnès

AGNÈS VARDA: The film pioneer and feminist of the new French wave reflects on his career and conveys a humanistic philosophy of life.

When the spirit disappeared

Hans-Jørgen Schanz / O. Thomsen: Spirit / Fear not freedom. About humanism and the humanities

: Both Schanz and Thomsen defend the belief that man is more than culture and more than his biological constituents – man is also spirit, they claim. 

Rehumanization of refugees

Laurent Van Lancker: Kales

: With a subdued and unobtrusive approach, director and anthropologist Laurent Van Lancker lets the residents of the now destroyed camp at Calais describe their separate community in their own words.

Admonition for hospitality

: Bauman's reflections on the migration crisis are simple, but his main points are worth insisting on. 

To see humanity in the eyes

: With its gigantic simplicity, the cinema documentary and the multimedia project Human bring us a little closer together. 

The vision of life store has reopened

KA Pollestad / D. Søderlind (ed.): Peter's Answers / Values ​​and Dignity

: Have we become more concerned with faith because suddenly there are some Muslims among us?