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Palestine, Portugal, pluralism

MANAGER: When is more independent identity important, and not?

The identity-political winds of the time

Douglas Murray: Hordernes Hærgen – gender, race, identity

IDENTITY: Hordernes Hærgen is a flame script against the identity-political winds of the time. It is a fiery battle script against contemporary moral currents.

Hatred is an integral part of American popular culture

Jeffrey Israel: Living with Hate in American Politics and Religion

USA: American religion researcher puts finger on liberal society's convulsive attempt to cover up past injustices.

The value of man in the unemployed society

Daniel Susskind: A World Without Work: Technology, Automation and How We Should Respond

LIFE: How are we going to be able to live a meaningful life in a world without work, where everything is automated and education no longer leads to work?

What happened to the children's right to privacy?

Leah Plunkett: Sharenthood

"SHARE THINGS":: Parents generously share photos and information about their children on social media without considering the long-term consequences, and without the children's consent.

An accurate portrayal of the EU crisis

EUROPE: Is it now a matter of developing a kind of European solidarity, or have we become space polygamy?

About belonging

Aon Raza Naqvi (ed.): Third Culture Kids

IDENTITY: Finally comes the book about what it is like to grow up between two cultures, told by Norwegian third culture children.

Honest and surprising meeting with Kuwaiti women

Maha Alasaker, Nada Faris: Women of Kuwait

ITS OWN ROOM: In Women of Kuwait we get an insight into the lives of different Kuwaiti women via their bedrooms. Apparently, there is little that separates them and other women in the world.

Historical patience

Manuel Castells: Rupture – The Crisis in Liberal Democracy

: DISTRUST: Manuel Castells paints a picture of today's democratic decline that is as recognizable as it is gloomy.

Touching other realities

: Aina Villanger is one of several Norwegian poets who have recently been translated and presented in Poland. How can Norwegian poetry influence and inspire a Polish audience?

A third-generation refugee returns home

Deborah Feldman: About Bitten

: Despite all the conflict-filled feelings towards the traces of Nazi Germany, it is in Berlin that American-Jewish Deborah Feldman feels at home for the first time.

Squash, gender identity, life and death

Erin Heidenreich: Girl Unbound

: Girl Unbound is a complex documentary about gender, sports, the Taliban, war and death threats.