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identity politics

Palestine, Portugal, pluralism

MANAGER: When is more independent identity important, and not?

Anti-racism as a totalitarian ideology

Douglas Murray: The Madness of Crowds. Gender, Race and Identity

IDENTITY: Instead of placing each other in identity-political booths and categories and inflicting shame on each other, we should rather develop a greater degree of forgiveness and generosity.

The identity-political winds of the time

Douglas Murray: Hordernes Hærgen – gender, race, identity

IDENTITY: Hordernes Hærgen is a flame script against the identity-political winds of the time. It is a fiery battle script against contemporary moral currents.

Changing your mind about identity politics can cost you everything


POLICY: American politics is not about changing existing policies, but more about appealing to the divisions between peoples.

Is it time for a new kind of democratic involvement?

COMMENT: Do we need far less elected politicians to represent our opinions?

The anatomy of democracy

Mathilde Fasting: After the end of the story. Meet with Francis Fukuyama

Fukuyama: Francis Fukuyama is one of the world's foremost democracy theorists, and this book provides an updated introduction to his overall authorship.

The pursuit of recognition has destructive consequences. Social justice is reduced to psychological problems

: Identity politics is a married child of the narcissistic culture, where violations and rejection are perceived as serious threats to self-worth.