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From social democracy to neoliberalism

Ola realized: The market turnaround

: How is the development of society understood? Through ideas, actors and concrete processes, or through discourses, management techniques and projects for social formation? MODERN TIMES's Svein Hammer picks up two books that are in relation to each other (one his own).

Dead and living metaphors

Kristin Fridtun: The language is a trouser. About car use in Norwegian language debate

LANGUAGE DEBATE: How can the metaphor be tested against factual knowledge?

Forced accuracy

Alberto Alesina, Carlo Favero, Francesco Giavazzi: .Austerity When It Works and When It Doesn't

: In the midst of this era of austerity, three economists believe they have found the explanations for when austerity policies work. However, they deftly bypass the question of who it works for.

"Villa, Volvo and vofs" and the technological innovations 

Curt Sørensen: The European Participation Crisis – Major Power Politics, Mass Participation and Ideology in the 20. century

: Demands for continued economic growth on a limited planet have spawned the global and systemic crisis.

The philosopher we would prefer to displace

: Window 1/2017

: Some will discredit Martin Heidegger – because there are some things in his critique of society that they would rather forget.

Easy socialism in a time of capitalism

Axel Honneth: The Idea of ​​Socialism

: There is still a lot of gold in socialism, says the philosopher Axel Honneth, who nevertheless does not hesitate to discard the left-wing revolutionary romance. 

While we wait for communism

Alain Badiou: Un parcours grec Circonstances, 8

: We are in the last phase of a reactionary period that has lasted for 40 years, Alain Badiou believes: The communist idea will soon reappear.

The rebirth of ideology criticism

: The Trump phenomenon has given new impetus to ideological criticism.