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Brexit: The price of dishonesty

THE CHALLENGES OF EUROPE: The Brexit chaos seems to culminate in the British leaving the EU – now that the election of Boris Johnson is over. Brexit is the price the British have to pay for not having had an honest discussion about immigration, multiculturalism and the British Empire. But are Britain's problems unique?

A tribute to the strong immigrant mothers

Shazia Majid: Out of the shadows

CONTEMPORARY HISTORY: Out of the Shadows tells of the fierce struggle for equality of immigrant mothers who followed their husbands to Norway in the hope of a better life, but who were met with xenophobia, racism and prejudice.

A world in stable motion

Francois Heran: Migrations and societies

: In 2018, the Collège de France established a separate professorship in migration studies. Francois Héran was chosen to fill it, and the book Migrations et sociétés is an expanded version of his inaugural lecture.

Identity problems and false confessions

Stefan Berg, Katrine Philp: Leslie on Fire / False Confessions

: Identity problems among young immigrants in Sweden, and the need for better legal security in the USA: Sofielund and New York are the framework for two new Nordic documentaries.

No longer valid?

: Former Minister of Integration Listhaug boasted that "Norway today has Europe's strictest immigration policy". The contrast to the national hero Nansen's humanitarian work after the First World War can hardly be greater, can it?

For the benefit of children?

: "It is not Norwegian asylum policy that makes children flee, it is the situation in their home country," writes Mina Vinje. Pressure is disappointed with the Labor Party's migration committee, and believes they are violating international obligations.

The tongues of tongues

: Misuse of statistics means that non-western immigrants are wrongly blamed for two out of three rapes in Norway.