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From ballerina to "terrorist"

: Erdoğan's original

: The Norwegian Writers' Association's Freedom of Expression Award has just been awarded to Aslı Erdogan – who more than any other author has become the symbol of the catastrophic development in today's Turkey. She refuses to give in despite persistent harassment, persecution and imprisonment, and still insists that the only solution to lasting peace is through reconciliation.

Johan Galtung: Security does not give peace – peace gives security

: Ny Tid has visited the founder of peace research Johan Galtung in his home in Spain. Now he is 87 – and still in full vigor.

The price of freedom

: Danielle Arbid

: The sexuality of Lebanese Danielle Arbid's films is an expression of protest, struggle and rebellion against taboos. 

When Oliver met Vladimir

Oliver Stone: Focus Series: The Putin Interviews

: Through four hour-long episodes, Oliver Stone has interviewed Vladimir Putin. These unique meetings have resulted in a distinctive and noteworthy portrait of one of the most enduring leaders of our time.

One day in Aleppo

Ali Ibrahim: One Day in Aleppo

: How desperate can it not seem to try, as film directors constantly do, to get the world to act, and end the war in Syria? We have met one of those who is fighting this battle.

Eva Joly: "Norway stands alone in Europe"

: She has been called crazy, icy and revolutionary by the French establishment, and is a seasoned participant in Europe's most important political arena. Ny Tid has met Eva Joly.

Robert Bresson and the film's vigilance

: Bresson's realism is about reorganizing our usual ways of looking at things – about finding a cinematic space where what is usually beyond our comprehension is allowed to breathe again.

To build something bigger than oneself

: It was the network-based way of working that we continued during the huge demonstrations against the Iraq war in 2003, peacekeepers say.

energy Revolution

: It is absolutely crucial to help the people wake up and take matters into their own hands if we want the globe to survive, says Carl A. Fechner. 

The sea is burning

"If we do not change course, xenophobic policies will lead to the collapse of Europe," said Gianfranco Rosi, the filmmaker behind Film from the South's winning film, the Lampedusa documentary "The Sea Burns" (in theaters now). 

With 26 minorities, Ukraine is already cosmopolitan

: We are talking about the deeper people's soul in Ukraine, about the importance of literature, about pluralism and the relationship between Russians and Ukrainians. Ny Tid met the country's famous author Andrej Kurkov.

Describes the everyday life of the refugee children

: Half a million Syrian children today live in Lebanon with inadequate or no schooling. The documentary If I Close My Eyes provides an insight into their everyday lives. Ny Tid spoke with director Francesca Mannechi who lets our subscribers see the film.