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Jesus from Instagram

Series creator Michael Petroni: Messiah

RELIGION: The Netflix series Messiah asks the fascinating question of how Jesus – or someone who appears like him – would be received today.

Forgiveness and revenge

Alessio Romenzi, Francesca Mannocchi: ISIS Tomorrow: The Lost Souls of Mosul

MOSULS RUINS: The movie ISIS Tomorrow describes the state of Mosul in January 2018, six months after the city was liberated from Islamic State.

After a terror-filled summer

: The terrorists are trying to force us into war mode. We must be aware of our role in the theater of terror.

World Crisis?

: ISIS 'good growth conditions were the most relevant topic at the major Middle East conference in Berlin.

William McCants: The ISIS Apocalypse

: The reason for ISIS 'success is that violence and fear work, says Middle East expert William McCants.

Patrick Cockburn: The Rise of the Islamic State

: A book about ISIS that has a military more than a religious focus.

Cinematic expressions and strategic countermeasures

: How do ISIS and the coalition use the audiovisual capabilities to communicate messages and create communities?

John Pilger: A trip from Pol Pot to ISIS

: In connection with the ISIS acts of violence in Beirut and Paris, John Pilger gives us an important reminder of what is the root of terrorism – and how we should deal with it.