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Who takes care of the salmon?

ISLAND:Salmon farming is an expanding industry that is fed by several Norwegian investors, and Iceland's biodiversity is in the pot. In scenic Iceland, there is a bitter battle between the farming industry and local activists. The open cages are a ticking bomb for both the environment and animal welfare.

Sweden and England were democracies

Notification:The treatment of Julian Assange is a legal disaster that began in Sweden and continued in the United Kingdom. If the United States manages to get Assange extradited, it could prevent the publication of information about the great power in the future.

Found in translation

SAGA INHERITANCE: When Iceland was a guest country at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2011, it was again remembered that Icelanders are best at making up stories, not making money.

Iceland: The bubbles that burst

In 2008, the illusion of a strong Icelandic economy burst. In April, the people were betrayed by the state leadership, again.